Alfa Romeos, Porsches and Land Rovers are more likely to suffer from failing parts than any other car make, with more than a third of their owners claiming on warranty policies in 2016.

According to insurance data, average repair costs varied greatly between brands. The average cost of repairing Porsche parts hit £1,019.07, compared with Alfa Romeo’s figure of £355.47 – despite the latter suffering more instances of failure.

The company releasing the data, Warranty Direct, has warned that repair costs will generally increase this year as parts continue becoming more complex.

Part exchange: Warranty Direct’s figures imply that owners of Alfa Romeos, Porches and Land Rovers are more likely to visit their local mechanic for repairs.

The motor insurance company said it analysed statistics from over 40,000 insurance policies and recently authorised warranty claims worth more than £3million.

Measuring these claims against the number of policies held per manufacturer, its figures show that 40 per cent of Alfa Romeos, 36 per cent of Porsches and 34 per cent of Land Rovers had parts repaired in 2016.

Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz complete the top five worst performers based on this measure, followed by Jaguar, Lexus, BMW, Volvo and Citroen.

Top ten cars needing parts repairs under warranty in 2016

Make % of Claims Against Policies Average Claim 1 Alfa Romeo 40% £355.47 2 Porsche 36% £1,019.07 3 Land Rover 34% £513.31 4 Chrysler 26% £474.28 5 Mercedes-Benz 25% £559.99 6 Jaguar 23% £442.68 7 Lexus 22% £469.68 8 BMW 16% £609.13 9 Volvo 16% £466.92 10 Citroën 15% £363.20 Source: Warranty Direct, February 2017

Japanese manufacturers come out more favourably, appearing to overtake European rivals as the most reliable vehicles on the road. Owners of Honda, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota cars claimed on just 3 per cent to 6 per cent of policies throughout 2016.

Super-minis and hatchbacks also saw proportionately fewer claims, likely owing to their greater simplicity. Under 10 per cent of warranties held by Smart, Kia, Seat, Ford and Hyundai owners were claimed against.

Warranty Direct said that most parts repairs of brands in the top five were for axle and suspension issues, along with electrical problems. Gearbox repairs were less common, but their average cost was an eye-watering £1,250 across the quintet.

There were major differences between average costs per manufacturer, even allowing for Porsche’s outlying figure – over £400 higher than the next highest, BMW.

Although Alfa Romeos saw the most frequent claims (40 per cent), their average cost was the lowest in the top ten. So while Milanese motor lovers might pay for their affection through regular trips to the garage, their wallets may suffer a little less.

In contrast, despite widely-owned Mercedes-Benz seeming more reliable from the data, one in four of its warranties were claimed against at an average cost of £559.99 – the third highest after Porsche and BMW.

Although the data suggests that Alfa Romeos are more likely to need parts replaced, the average cost of doing so is lower than for many other brands.

Commenting on the figures, Philip Ward, Warranty Direct’s COO, said: ‘With many cars becoming increasingly more complex in terms of component parts, repair costs will continue to rise throughout 2017.

‘Vehicles which might initially seem reliable and reasonably priced can end up becoming a financial liability for the owner.’

Further analysis from the insurance company showed that one car in four suffers mechanical failure during the fourth or fifth years of ownership, often as the manufacturer’s standard warranty expires.

Although reliability is only one issue to consider when buying a car, these figures might help you decide whether to cough up for an extended parts warranty.

If you decide against it, and buy one of the worst performers on Warranty Direct’s list, it may be wise to put aside some spare cash for future repairs.